La Fin Du Monde

by The Fallacy

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released December 3, 2011



all rights reserved


The Fallacy Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Gears Of War
I am become death, The destroyer of worlds.
The Second seal opens with the fury of the sword
I am what turns the gears of war
And I wil rain down hell and steal all peace from the earth
And spill the blood that lives in the hearts of all men
hearts of all men
Declare War with the rising sun
replace it's light with the explosions of guns
and I will lay waste to this, the human mess
I am what turns gears of war
I will rain down fire
I'm bringing hell with me right now
this planet has seen nothing yet.
I am what turns gears of war
I am the source of pain and hate
and I will lay waste to this, the human mess.
Track Name: Made In His Image (Ugly Just Like God)
Forgotten and abandoned we are unloved,
Forgotten and abandoned we are the bastard children of a god we never knew. Oh Dear god where have you gone? Onto your next act of twisted sadism?
Like a virus, we consume, we infect, keep on destroying until there is nothing left
Because we have traded all purpose for fashion and meaning for gold
And redemption is becoming unfashionably late
and I'm wondering if she will even show
will she even show
our smothered cry for help is lost in the crowd
because we have traded all purpose for fashion and meaning for gold
So who will save us now?
We wont save ourselves
because we are ugly, just like our God, made in his image
a perfect reflection
a perfect reflection...
Track Name: La Fin Du Monde
All sinners be weary because this is the end. Every Generation thinks it's own will be the last. Smoke stacks get taller and we don't learn from our past but time will tell time will tell if we are living in a living hell. The air is getting thicker we get sicker and sicker. The air is Poison so breathe it in breathe it in, kneel where you stand now, this is the end this is the end. Bring out your dead because this is the end. Kneel where you stand and beg for your life our entire world was taken for granted. So I will watch this world end, not with a scream but a whisper. Gaia will not stay her hand gaia will have justice. So kneel where you stand and beg for your life. And I will watch this world end, not with a scream but with a whisper. So bring out your dead because this is the fucking end.
Track Name: World On Fire
Here we stand on the brink of our final disaster
the sum of all of our lives is a world that is on fire
The end of all thing we knew, due only to a false god
and his book that you haven't even read
It's already to late
there is no hope
abandon all hope
abandon all hope
It's to late to be saved
the human race will never change
we won't learn, we never did
the human race a spoiled kid
The world is on fire and it's all your fault
a world ripe for growing and you're spreading salt
looking for answers for who is to blame
start with the people killing in your god's name
The world is on fire
we are to blame
watch it burn
apocalypse incorporated
Track Name: Captain Trips
Oh what rough beast it's hour comes slouching towards Bethlehem
bringing it's paranoia man made disease, and their vaccines.
with an army of wolves in white lab coats
armed with bedside manner a PHD and a Stethescope
they need you living not living well
so much to be gained from your time spent in hell
so come on take your medicine, a hard pill to swallow
the money is in your treatment not in your cure,
pain management to follow
when blood is currency, bought and sold with suffering
there is no purpose in this misery if a life can't be lived with dignity.
So are you scared yet? they need you scared they treat your symptoms not your disease.
this is business, another kick back in a see of bribes,
with a broken oath, and a dead conscience they will watch you suffer another day another dollar.
Track Name: Pick Up After Your Dogma
This Dogma this indoctrination that you have nick named your faith. It is just an excuse not to live your life. Maybe if you could see the clock counting down you would live your life instead of worrying about what happens after you die. You claim to pray but you are just preying on the week, those who are desperate for something more than what the hand of God has dealt. And I see a light through your broken pews. So I guess I will see you in hell and I will practice the gnashing of my teeth. I see a light through your corruption, a burning reminder of a time still pure a time before your filthy green hands stained us all with your greed. So don't pray for me, save your own soul, save your prayers because you will be needing them soon. Save Your, Savior.