2013 EP

by The Fallacy

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released November 6, 2013

Music written and performed by the Fallacy
Mixing and mastering by Tyler Hamende



all rights reserved


The Fallacy Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Burning The World At Both Ends
This Hate has completely overtaken me,
matched only by overwhelming apathy,
this bottle will get me through the night
but it will only make tomorrow that much harder to bare

The world is ending right outside our doors,
while we complain about there being nothing on tv
We have all fallen victim
to our over simple pointless lives

So is there anywhere I can go from here?
That doesn't end with thoughts of suicide?
I start to wonder if I would be better off
it's bad enough but it crosses my mind

My comfort in the worlds suffering is disturbing me
there is no hope for the future
I have no hope for the future
and I have never been this scared
and I can't remember the last time I wanted to wake up
and didn't hate the sun
it's killing me it's killing me

burning the world at both ends there is no future
there is no love there is no light

I don't believe in this,
but if there was a god,
I would beg him to take me now
take me now
end it now
Track Name: Cancer
I will burn the liars
one by one
I can't wont another day
of this thing they call our lives
ignorance is a cancer
hits over merit is how it's spread
let's face the impending disaste
r we'll take the knives in the front this time
ignorance is a cancer
blind faith is how it's spread
let's face the impending disaster
we'll take the knives in the front this time
You have corrupted our future
with addictions to disaster
with illusions of freedom
the invisible hand remains gripped around our throats
choking our cries for the truth
ignorance spreads like a cancer
trust no one.
The last link in this train reaction
to end this world based on distraction
we'll face face impending disaster
we'll take our knives in the front this time
we'll burn the liars one by one
the truth hurts but ignorance kills
Track Name: The Crucifix Scene
I was born into the crucifix scene
the first world's second hand american dream
original sin and a cross to bare
catholic guilt and a judgment stare

so god don't you want to save me?
from feeling so fucking empty?

Avoid my eyes avoid my eye
follow blindly and avoid my eyes

If god is love I would hate to see hate

Blind faith is just a lack of sight

I know faith will get you nowhere
but I still know right from wrong

so sing how god blessed america to justify all your hate and rape

If god is love I would hate to see hate